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Best 10 Restaurants in Gurgaon for an Unforgettable Escort Date

When you plan a wonderful and classy date with your escort partner in Gurgaon, there is a large selection of classy establishments in the city. From intimate Chinese eateries to delicious Italian, here are some beautiful restaurants to make your date memorable.

Pasta Bowl

The Pasta Bowl is a destination for all pasta lovers. The chefs here prepare delicious pasta using quality ingredients. The beautiful decor of the restaurant and the peace and pleasantness of the restaurant create an extraordinary and memorable ambiance for an unforgettable Gurgaon escort date night.


Are you looking for a restaurant where you can have a great dinner experience with your partner? The best answer for you might be Ladera. This is an iconic place to create a memorable date. The romantic ambiance and charming design make Ladera an excellent choice for a romantic evening with that special someone.

The Vine Co

If a romantic dinner date is planned with wine – then The Wine Co will make your date more fun. It offers a wine selection with approximately 140-160 tastings. The restaurant brings innovative twists to delicious cuisine, including tasting chicken wings paired with a unique wine list before a delicious meal.

Cafe Soul Garden

Café Soul Garden, one of the best nature-inspired restaurants in Gurgaon, is perfect for creating an unforgettable date with beautiful memories. It has a peaceful environment with greenery. It's very nice, cheap, charming, and comfortable, and its menu includes a variety of delicious dishes. Enjoy tasty food while enjoying nature with your companion here.

Big Tree Cafe

This is a unique cafe, which is decorated with beautiful lamps, big and small, which makes this cafe supernaturally beautiful. Big Tree Cafe offers a delectable menu for those who love these dishes: the Smooth Hung Curd Dumpling, Burgers of Carnivores, and the Nutty Butty Shake. The café's welcoming atmosphere provides an ideal setting for dinner. May we suggest Golf Course escorts to accompany you?

Under The Neem

If you want to go on a dream date with your partner, Under The Neem restaurant is the best for you. Pizza under the Neem Tree Enjoy pesto chicken, chatter-patter, and berry shake dishes that will make you an elegant romantic.


There is only one restaurant in town for Brazilian food. The churrasco-style food at Wildfire is the tastiest, and the waiter will put the meat on the table for you when you order. This can be a wonderful experience for you to cherish once in a lifetime. You'll find an array of 10 to 12 types of grilled meat.

Thai Pavilion

This restaurant is famous for seafood, exquisite oysters, and Thai food. Thai Pavilion offers the best food and a great wine list. This is truly one of the best places to make a dinner date the most unique one.


If you want to eat new food that you have never eaten before, the Prankster Restaurant can be an option. Prankster has introduced a new dish that no other restaurant has done yet, and they call it Progressive Nostalgia. It is made with an impressive design and funky light installation, which attracts customers a lot. Some of our Gurgaon model escorts are very attracted by the beauty of Prankster restaurant.


Prego offers many romantic and tranquil spots for intimate conversations! This is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy an unforgettable meal with bruschetta-covered semolina, wood-fired oven-baked pizza, fried vegetables, and crisps that will double the fun on your date.

It is necessary to know the restaurant's policies before booking a table. Whenever you plan to go to a restaurant for a date, you should know all the terms and conditions of the restaurant beforehand.