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Difference Between High-Class and Cheap Escorts

Well, this is the much asked question that comes in front of all the escort agencies in Gurgaon. What is the difference between high-class and cheap escort. The only reason we've chosen cheap as well as "high-class escort" is because we sincerely believe it's arbitrary in many respects. Just because a girl isn't actually classy but believes she is, it can backfire for an agency. Because this will affect the quality of the agency. A high class girl or agency may not be high class or cheap class by thinking of herself. You should look at their customer reviews to be sure. From that you can decide what type you are.

In our humble opinion the main difference between high class and cheap girls is completely subjective. If you book a girl for 15000 INR per hour for two hours, it does not mean that she is high class, or that you will get better escort for 20000 INR, it does not at all. However, we all live in a society where almost everything is judged by its value, therefore forcing us to create multiple value categories. Most of the customers judge by the fees of the girl. The one who charges more will be of higher class. It is not at all, maybe the fee of a girl is due to her high demand or there can be a different reason, like the girl is popular.

Classification of escorts

This puts us in a position where we are bound to follow the clientele and categorize escort girls according to the clientele we already have, and what other call girl agencies in Gurgaon are doing. If we don't, it won't mean much. And we probably don't categorize any girl by our own criteria. Our entire team carefully checks the reviews of the girl and transfers her to one of the categories.

In our agency the girls are completely independent, they have complete freedom here. We just put them in a category according to their services and their beauty. We never fold the fee of any girl; here the girl has complete freedom to decide her fee. The client would need to have a first dating with the girl to see if they met the desired qualities from which her category could be recognized. So it becomes very easy for the customers and escort girls to consider our website Basically we have to go according to our client because the client has already decided before coming what kind of girl he wants to spend his time with. Gurgaon Escorts Agency cannot be held responsible for what happens between a client and his or her chosen escort. Because, we are exist only to facilitate escort girl booking. Keep in mind, we have no control over any girl, and we don't expect anything from any girl.

Self-Assessment Escort Girls

We are fortunate as we are represented by some of the experienced and talented escort girls in Gurgaon. We receive applications from these girls for their fees, and then our team never argues with them as they have full rights. She's talented; she knows what to do with a client on a date. The girls don't believe in charging their fees randomly, they have a plan of their own and prefer to charge according to the service they provide. For example, they deal with the customer only after seeing the quality of their service. These girls may charge higher fees than the cheap Gurgaon escorts we represent. Some cheap girls may not like to go too far on dates, and they may lack experience, confidence. We certainly don't think it's fair to argue on their charges that what they charge for their services. They have every right to decide the fee for their services.

Your Experience Matters More

When it comes to defining the difference between cheap and high-class girls, a lot depends on you. If you are fond of cheap services, you can have a fixed amount on which you prefer to stick. It will suit you, and you will know the kind of girls you want at this price, and we can describe a general idea of what you can expect. The only sure way to find out if there is a huge difference in the services of these alleged classes of girls is to increase your fixed amount. If you book girls for 5000 rupees, you should probably try for 9000 or 10000 rupees. Then you can make good conclusions for yourself!