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09:00 pm, Wednesday 4th January 2031

rachita escort girl gurgaon

Our Gurgaon Escorts Agency's brilliant call girl provides escort service in Gurgaon city in today's time. The name of this call girl is Rachita, it is 24 years old who has been working with us for many years. She is a beautiful and experienced woman.

Through the Internet, Arun Kumar saw Rachita the first attack on the official website of Gurgaon Escorts Agency. Arun Kumar opened her profile and then took more information from her profile page and Arun liked her very much.

Now how to meet this woman who came to Arun's mind. So Arun went to the home page of Gurgaon Escorts Agency's website where the contact number to meet Rachita was found. He immediately called the number and said that I liked a girl on your website from whom I want to meet today.

Helper of the website asked him, when Arun gave his name, Arun gave Rachita's name and some information about it. Helper then gave Arun a personal number.

After that Arun Kumar called Rachita's personal number and said Hello Madam I am speaking Arun Kumar. I have seen your profile in the list of Gurgaon Escorts. Do you provide adult entertainment services?

Rachita said in a cute voice Arun Kumar ji I am a call girl. I provide all kinds of adult entertainment services like call girl service, escort service, sex service and many services I provide. What kind of service do you want to take?

Arun Kumar said that I want to take all your services.

Rachita said, I will take a whole night to give all the services. Will you be able to pay my fees?

Arun Kumar replied yes I am able to pay your full night fees and I will give you. Will you tell me how much your full night fees are?

Rachita stated the fee of full night at Rs 35000.

Arun Kumar was ready to pay his fees. He fixed a night meeting with it. Meeting Arun Kumar fixed his own farmhouse.

Rachita reached her farm house at 7 o'clock at 7 pm. As soon as Arun Kumar saw Rachita, he welcomed him heartily. And asked what will you take tea, coffee or drink. Rachita said give me coffee now. Arun Kumar gave Rachita hot coffee.

After some time Rachita asked in which room do you want to have fun with me? Arun took Rachita to the room behind the farmhouse and he had already arranged to drink there. He gave Rachita a drink with his hands and took a drink himself.

After that the conversation of both started. After some time, Rachita started getting off all his clothes. Rachita first showed Arun Kumar her sexy body and asked how I look like you.

Arun Kumar said with love, Rachita ji you are looking very beautiful and sexy. And Arun Kumar asked Rachita, are you ready to offer your services.

Rachita replied, I am ready to serve you. Can I get off your clothes?

Arun Kumar said that you take my clothes off with love, I am ready to take off my clothes.

Rachita took off all the clothes of Arun Kumar with her love and beautiful hands. Arun Kumar and Rachita became completely naked.

Rachita gave the first service body to body massage service and then sex service. Gradually, Rachita gave all the services to Arun Kumar throughout the night. Arun Kumar was very happy with the services of Rachita.

Arun Kumar has again fixed the meeting with Rachita a month later.

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