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4:15 pm, Monday 2nd November 2020

Hello friends, I am your friend Sanvi. I am independent Escort. Today I am going to tell you something. Which will make you very happy and excited. to visit me. Because I will share my memories with you of. I used to work in Gurgaon some time back. But now I have been working in Ludhiana for some time. I do not need to tell you this. What do I do. Because you would know this. If you don't know what work I do. So let me tell you that too. I used to work in a software company before. But now I have been working as a call girl for some time. I have stopped working in a software company or I can say that I have left a job in a software company. I stopped working in a software company. because I used to get very little salary in that company. I was not happy with that salary. That's why I left the job from that company. I am now working in Club Escorts Service in Ludhiana. Here I get good money and now I am very happy. I love to have sex, hang out, and party with fresh new people. That is why I am providing escorts service in Ludhiana.

Yes, I forgot to tell you my memories of a partner. Let me tell you that. I went to have sex with a friend in a hotel room in Ludhiana a few days ago. So he first offered me a drink and then he talked with me about something sexy and romantic. This made us both in a romantic mood easily. After that he and I started having sex. When he had sex with me, both of us once again took a couple of drinks and after that he started praising me. He said in my praise that for the first time in my life, I enjoyed having sex. You are a very beautiful, sexy, thin, hot and nice girl. I will hold a meeting with you again next month. I enjoy having sex with you.